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The New Makers on the Block

The Ben Heck Show has been running on the element14 community for about six years, and this year marks the point where Ben is looking for new adventures in life. The show organizers wanted a video intro to transition from the Ben Heck Show into the new element14 presents channel. They didn’t want to break away much from the previous video which had a pinball machine – a reference to Ben Heck; he loves pinball machines.

The new show, element14 presents, would fundamentally have ten VCPs (Video Content Producers). Each VCP would send a video tutorial, similar to Ben’s, on which they would be showing how to hack things or make some electronic gadget (builds).

In the spirit of the maker community, I decided to create a video in which a maker would literally “build” the logo for element14 presents using tools makers use, recycled circuit boards, video game parts, and lots of props that the community team brought up to the studio, including Ben’s builds. The whole process of the making of the logo would be shot and edited in one simple short intro 15 seconds video. Later, I found out that cutting a circuit board with a Dremel is quite a challenge, but I had the full support of my team and one of them, a maker himself, asked me if I needed help cutting the boards. I gladly accepted the offer.

In the end, the client was pleased, and the viewers enjoyed the new video.

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